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Quote(s) of the day…

October 29, 2007

Quote (s) of the day…

From a Catholic commenting on an article in the Atlantic, “the Seal of a Convert,” comparing the brouhaha over Romney’s religion with the non-issue of Harry Reid’s:

“Mormonism’s weird fantasy about Jesus powwowing with Amerinds is extremely odd, but no more so than our Virgin Mary fetish.”

As a Jew, I can attest that this is absolutely true. I rarely agree with pronouncements from Saudi Clerics, but this quote reminds me of one that I enjoyed. Apparently there were some evangelical Christians trying to get the Saudi government to expel Mormon workers. To do this, they wrote a letter to the Mukata (the religious police) arguing that Mormons were polytheists and therefore should be deported according to Saudi law. What came back was this ruling:

“The petty squabbles between you Christians do not concern us. We find that you are all dangerously close to polytheism”*


Sometimes I think God made Mormons to let other Christians know how Jews feel… 😉

BTW, I know the blog has been slow lately. I started working on a piece called “Liberal Mormonism: a Jewish Critique and Invitation.” That has somewhat spun out of control. I need to finish the last little bit and finally post it this week.

Thanks for your patience.


*This story was told to me as true by a Mormon who allegedly received a copy of the letter.