Shalom TV – Now in Western US, Including SLC!

February 15, 2008

I, along with a number of other people, have been involved in an effort to bring Shalom TV, an eclectic Jewish television station based in New Jersey, to the Western Comcast cable line up.  Shalom TV has Jewish news programing from a variety of perspectives, Jewish Oriented film (including modern Israeli and classic Yiddish films), Hebrew instruction, Jewish children’s programing, a variety of Torah and academic Jewish studies programs and the entire 92nd street YMHA speaker series in its line up.  Shalom TV has been available only to Comcast subscribers in the NY, NJ and Philadelphia area since it’s inception, but due to petitioning from subscribers across the country, Comcast has agreed to add Shalom TV to it’s “on demand” line-up nationwide, including Salt Lake City!

To access Shalom TV, one must:

1) Be a Comcast Cable Digital subscriber
2) Go to Channel 01 for the “On Demand” menu
3) Go to the “Entertainment” Submenu
4) Find “Shalom TV” and enter
5) Choose a sub-category from the Shalom TV menu
6) Pick the program desire
7) Enjoy the show!

Shalom TV is currently available (outside the NY, NJ PA region) only via “on demand” but if there is enough usage, Comcast will assign it a channel number to provide real-time  access.


  1. Moshe:

    Congratulations on this venture.

    When the time is right, please consider internet streaming. I would very much like to see this, but do most of my TV watching on-line.

    Good luck,


  2. They already have internet streaming! Go to their website at:


    and click on “Watch program videos” off the menu on the upper left of the homepage. I think it’s mostly the news and discussion oriented programming though.


  3. Thanks!

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